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LASER is an extremely quick and powerful pneumatic chain pruner. It does not emit noise, vibrations or discharge gas. It is characterized by a magnesium alloy body, an ergonomic hand grip and a hand protection with chain brake. The chain is automatically lubricated by a pump. This chain saw can cut branches with a diameter up to 20 cm and is fitted with a 8”, a 10” or a “carving” bar.

Laser 3/8" Laser 1/4"
Weight 2450 gr 2450 gr
Pressure 10 bar 10 bar
Air consumption 430 l/min 430 l/min
Bar 10” 8” / 10” / CARVING 10”
Chain 3/8" 1/4"
Chain Speed 11 m/sec 11 m/sec


  1. Techno-polymer ergonomic handgrip
  2. Hand protection with chain brake
  3. Pump for the automatic lubrication of the chain
  4. 8” or 10” sprocket bar
  5. Magnesium alloy body
  6. Active safety device
  7. Passive safety device
  8. Model with carving bar

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