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Campagnola Experiences


Marco Cassina is the the manager of the  After-Sale Technical Support Department of Campagnola, and  Norman Caiola and Nicola Laino belong to his team. This highly qualified team gives advice, quick replies and solutions to any kind of technical issues thanks to a solid experience in pruning and harvesting of olives and other fruit. Focus is always on customer’s needs. Marco, Norman and Nicola have been fully trained and organized to represent Campagnola on the occasion of exhibitions, fairs, festivals, field days and open days at our distributors’ sales points, where their undeniable professionalism and kindness clearly stand out.


It may seem obvious, but a pneumatic or electric shear has to be selected according to the diameter of the cuts to be carried out, avoiding an over-performing solution, as it is usually the case.

The reference for the choice shall not be the few branches with large diameter to be pruned during every working day, since for these a chainsaw is what you need. In fact, a wrong choice would lead you to buy a heavy, expensive and poorly handy  shear,  which would then make harder the majority of the cuts.
Therefore, it is clear that the main features of the tool should be lightness, manageability and a cutting capacity which is just adequate for the needs.
Don’t forget to contact an authorized sales point, which will later supply you with spare parts and service, otherwise you could run the risk of not being able to use your shear for some time  in case of a problem.
Always check that the tool is fitted with the compulsory safety devices and CE marking.


When we state that an harvester has to harvest olives, it may seem clear, but it is not all that obvious.  In fact, the market offers a wide range of this kind of products. They often have a winsome design and are light and well manufactured, but they harvest a small quantity of olives, lengthening the time to complete the task.
Therefore, it is necessary to choose a product with the right compromise between manageability and harvesting capacity. In general, the double rake performance is best suited for small olives which resist falling from the branches. The tool could be a little heavier, but the harvesting time will be largely reduced.
The health of the tree is an important matter. Usually a pneumatic or electromechanical tool does not damage the plant significantly, but the result is even better if the tool is endowed with very flexible teeth.  In fact, flexible teeth are fit for any branch structure, and the transmitted ‘hit’ has a lower intensity than that of rigid teeth.
Since the harvesters are always used for a short and well-defined period of time, because olives cannot ‘wait’, reliability is a fundamental matter, so we suggest you should contact  only authorized sales points, which can then supply you with spare parts and service.