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06 September 2017

For a market where the origin of the products is increasingly uncertain, Campagnola has chosen the ‘Made in Italy’.

The entire production cycle of each pneumatic and electric product in our Catalogue is carried out at our premises. The knowhow and the long-term experience of extremely specialized collaborators guarantee a high quality.

At the end of the assembly lines, each product is tested using a suitable instrumentation that automatically verifies its performance levels.

21 November 2016
Cobra and Pony EVO, electromechanicals shears

The pruning season is about to start. Therefore, we wish to give you some information regarding the Campagnola electric shears.

The first jewel that we want to introduce is PONY EVO, the lightest electromechanical shear by Campagnola. Well-balanced, manageable, thanks to its thin ergonomic shape and its very flexible cable, and quick, it has 4 cutting modes (automatic cut with 100%, 70% or 40% blade opening and progressive cut) and a short-stroke operating lever.

Designed for vineyard pruning, this battery tool is fitted with a blade group made of forged steel, a  techno-polymer body and a comfortable handgrip with a soft-touch rubber cover.

The ultra-thin lithium ions battery, which power supplies the PONY EVO electric shear, can also be used for both models of COBRA EVO.

The second, but not less valuable jewel, that we want to introduce, is, in fact, COBRA EVO,  an extremely manageable shear, thanks to its thin ergonomic shape and its very flexible cable. This quick pruning tool is characterized by 4 cutting modes (automatic cut with 100%, 70% or 40% blade opening and progressive cut) and a short-stroke operating lever.

The available versions are two. The difference between them is the blade group: the one for pruning orchard, the other one for vineyard.

COBRA EVO is fitted with a techno-polymer body and a comfortable handgrip with soft-touch rubber cover,


Both PONY EVO and the two versions of COBRA EVO are power supplied by an ultra-thin lithium ions battery, which is extremely light and available in two models:  POWER KIT EVO 220 (with  14 hours’ autonomy and 1.7 kg weight) and POWER KIT EVO 170 (with 8 hours’ autonomy and  1.2 kg weight).

14 November 2016
Eima 2016 - Inauguration of the new plant

They were demanding days those from the 9th to the 13th of November, at the EIMA INTERNATIONAL trade show, but we enjoyed them with you with a lot of satisfaction. We wanted a booth full of visitors and we got it: not only recent and well-known dealers, importers and end-users, but also so many new contacts. During the exhibition we also organized a happening for the official inauguration of our new plant, Campagnola 2, just beside of our headquarter Campagnola 1, with the traditional ribbon cutting by the Mayor of Zola Predosa. Also on this occasion our were fulfilled, since in addition to the Authorities of our Municipality, many actors of our history shared this emotion with us: inner and outer collaborators and customers from all over the world. More than 300 people! 

But one more satisfaction was waiting for us. Last Summer the political, economic and financial newspaper “Il Sole 24ore” interviewed us and published the article on the 16th of November. Therefore, for Campagnola November  has been a month full of emotions, of which we want to give you some images. Moreover, we wish to thank all those who have been following and supporting us in our path for  years or even just for few days. It is out of synergy that so much strength may develop.  

09 November 2016

November 9-13, 2016

Opening time: 9:00 - 18:30

Pavilion 34 - Booth C7

Moro South Entrance: from Viale Aldo Moro 


EIMA International is the International Exhibition of Machinery for Agriculture and Gardening, promoted by  FederUnacoma (Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers) every two years since 1969 in cooperation with BolognaFiere.

Manufacturers from any continent directly take part in this exhibition, which is organized in 14 commodities sectors as well as in 4 specialized shows: EIMA Components, EIMA Green, EIMA Energy and EIMA M.i.A.. These companies take the opportunity of the show to present their brand new or utmost advanced technologies.

The functional commodities organization of the exhibition allows the numerous professional visitors – for whom the first two exhibition days are reserved – as well as for the hobbyists to easily focus on the sectors they are interested in and to carry out their visit in the best way. Also economic operators’ groups from 60 Countries can be met during the show.

EIMA takes place in the exhibition district of Bologna, covering a total surface of 375,000 square metres,  140.000 of which represent the purely expositive surface. About 1900 exhibitors coming from 40 Countries show over 50,000 vehicle, machine and tool models, which are fit for any kind of agricultural or “green” processes and for any kind of farm.

17 October 2016
Piuma, the new pneumatic harvester
Thanks to the choice of techno-polymer with carbon fibers, this tool is extremely light and reliable and its harvesting performance is excellent. Its rakes are composed of flexible techno-polymer teeth and carry out 1500 strokes per minute at 6 bar, with the very low air consumption of 180 l/min only. The peculiar waved shaped of the teeth (patented by Campagnola) allows to move among the branches, this way becoming a guarantee of excellent harvesting results with any kind of olive-trees or groves. The self-lubricating teflon bushing allows the shaft to slide easily, avoiding any overheating. The conveyor, which directs the exhaust air towards the transmission parts to keep them lubricated and refrigerated, is patented by Campagnola. NOVELTY 2016 is also the carbon extension pole. Ultra-light and resistant to the vibrations, it is available in fixed and telescopic models, to make your PIUMA a true jewel for its comfort, performance and resistance.