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GSM EL TORO is an engine-driven shaking hook for harvesting olives and fruit to be processed by the food industry. An exclusive system, patented by Campagnola, allows to limit the vibrations transmitted to the operator. The tool is fitted with rotatory rubber rolls , an aluminium alloy body and a strong 2-stroke engine (52.5 cc), which power supplies it when shaking branches with a 50-60 mm diameter. It is connected to a 1.30 m, a 2.0 m or a 3.3 m fixed extension pole.

Weight 13,5 kg
Engine 52,5 cc
Hook Diameter 60 mm
Cycles Number 1400 m'
Stroke 60 mm


  1. 2- stroke engine, 52.5 cc - 2.8 HP
  2. Sliding, anti-vibration support for the handgrip (patented by Campagnola)
  3. 1.30 m, 2.0 m or 3.3 m fixed extension poles
  4. Rotatory rubber rolls
  5. Protection of the moving parts
  6. Aluminium alloy body

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