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Engine-driven harvesters alice - hercules

Campagnola completes the range of its electro-mechanical and pneumatic tools for harvesting with two models of engine-driven harvesters, using the head of ALICE and HERCULES. They are the ideal tools for the operators who do not want to depend on a compressor or a battery.

  • Movement freedom without any cables on the ground
  • Power: The engine guarantees excellent harvesting performances all working day long
  • Reliability: The Kawasaki engine and high quality components guarantee a long lasting reliability
Weight 5,7 kg 5,8 kg


  1. Possibility of assembling two different harvesting heads onto the same tool:  either Hercules  (for high or very thick olive-trees) or Alice (for all the other kinds of olive-trees)
  2. Aluminium and carbon telescopic or fixed extension poles
  3. Quick connection for the extension pole replacement
  4. Two-stroke Kawasaki TJ027E engine, 1.03 HP

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