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Tuono Evo - METAL TOP

OLISTAR TUONO EVO and OLISTAR METAL TOP are the world-wide best known pneumatic harvesters, which are the right tools for a professional use in any kind of grove. They give excellent results regardless of the olive ripening stage. The techno-polymer rakes are fitted with a pneumatic motor with a magnesium alloy frame, to reduce the tool freezing problem, and with diapason-shaped teeth, patented by Campagnola, which easily comb the branches. A conveyor directs the exhaust air towards the rakes, keeping them constantly lubricated and refrigerated. OLISTAR METAL TOP has the same features as OLISTAR TUONO EVO except for the shorter piston stroke of the latter, which increases the rake speed (1800 at 6 bar).     

Metal Top Tuono Evo
Speed 1400 1800
Weight 1000 gr 1000 gr
Air consumption 200 l/min 150 l/min


  1. Short stroke: Movement system of piston and rakes (OLISTAR TUONO EVO)
  2. Conveyor of the exhaust air towards the rakes to keep them constantly lubricated and refrigerated
  3. Techno-polymer rakes with diapason-shaped teeth (patented by Campagnola)
  4. Protection of the moving parts to reduce their wear and tear
  5. Magnesium alloy frame to reduce the tool freezing problem

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