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Diablo - DIABLO 1800 EVO

OLISTAR DIABLO and OLISTAR DIABLO 1800 EVO are the direct evolution of the TUONO olive harvester. They carry out an excellent penetration among the branches thanks to the long, flexible and interchangeable teeth and are specially recommended for thick trees. The rakes are made of techno-polymer and are fitted with a pneumatic motor with a magnesium alloy frame to reduce the tool freezing problem. Their teeth are long, flexible and interchangeable. A conveyor directs the exhaust air towards the rakes, keeping them constantly lubricated and refrigerated. OLISTAR DIABLO has the same features as OLISTAR DIABLO 1800 EVO except for the shorter piston stroke of the latter, which increases the rake speed (1800 at 6 bar).     

Diablo Diablo 1800 Evo
Speed 1400 1800
Weight 1000 gr 1000 gr
Air consumption 200 l/min 150 l/min


  1. Short stroke: Movement system of piston and rakes (OLISTAR DIABLO 1800 EVO)
  2. Conveyor of the exhaust air towards the rakes to keep them constantly lubricated and refrigerated
  3. Techno-polymer rakes with interchangeable teeth
  4. Protection of the moving parts to reduce their wear and tear
  5. Magnesium alloy frame to reduce the tool freezing problem

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