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ELEKTRA is a quick electro-mechanical harvester for well-pruned trees, fitted with an alternate movement harvesting head. Both its cover and its flexible, interchangeable teeth are made of highly resistant techno-polymer. It can be connected to fixed or telescopic extension poles. This harvester is characterized by an excellent weight balance and a full-day working autonomy with a 12 V battery.

Rated Voltage 12
Power Output 450 Wh
Speed 1300 rpm
Weight 2,9 kg
Absorption 8 / 9 Ah


  1. Motor geax-box with protection fuse
  2. Anti-rip handle for the cable
  3. Telescopic or fixed extension poles, from 45 to 270 cm
  4. Highly resistant techno-polymer cover
  5. Kinematic parts made of tempered steel
  6. Lubrication cap
  7. Interchangeable, highly resistant technopolymer teeth

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