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electro-mechanical harvester alice
ALICE is an electro-mechanical harvester for professional use with two cutting speeds and opposed elliptical movement (patent by...[Read more]
 electro-mechanical harvester elektra
ELEKTRA is a quick electro-mechanical harvester for well-pruned trees, fitted with an alternate movement harvesting head. Both...[Read more]
electro-mechanical harvester hercules
HERCULES is characterized by a harvesting capacity at the top of the range of this kind of tools manufactured by Campagnola. It...[Read more]
electro-mechanical harvester holly
HOLLY is a light and well-balanced, electro-mechanical harvester, which can be connected to fixed or telescopic extension poles...[Read more]
This pneumatic harvester has been designed for the operators who look for manegeability and work comfort. Thanks to the use of...[Read more]
pneumatic harvesters
OLISTAR TUONO EVO and OLISTAR METAL TOP are the world-wide best known pneumatic harvesters, which are the right tools for a...[Read more]