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Lion Self

LION SELF needs the tractor just to be carried, since it is an engine-driven compressor. It is fitted with a big tank, to guarantee a good working autonomy with the engine off, and an electronic unit, to automatically start or stop the engine according to the tank pressure. There are two versions: either with diesel or with gasoline engine. 

Lion Self 650 Lion Self 950
Shears quantity that can be operated 5 7
Chain pruners quantity that can be operated 1 1 / 2
Harvesters quantity that can be operated 3 4
Start Electric Start Electric Start
Air displacement 582 l/min 820 l/min
Cylinders count 2 2
Stages count 2 2
Air tank capacity 620 air/L 620 air/L
Maximum tank working pressure 13 13
Weight 335 Kg 363 Kg
Dimensions 150x160x115 150x169x123
Supply Benzina Gasolio

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