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LION 940 and LION 1500 are powerful and compact PTO compressors with a large air tank, the right solution for the end-users who do not want to keep the tractor running all working day long. In fact, their air reserve allows to operate 2 or 3 shears for some hours with the tractor off. LION 1500 is power supplied by a strong and reliable head block with a cast iron valve plate.

Lion 940 Lion 1500
Shears quantity that can be operated 7 11
Chain pruners quantity that can be operated 1 / 2 2 / 3
Harvesters quantity that can be operated 4 6
Air displacement 820 L/min 1500 l/min
Cylinders count 2 2
Stages count 2 2
Air tank capacity 620 air/L 620 air/L
Recommended minimum tractor power 20 30
Maximum tank working pressure 13 13
Weight 321 kg 357,5 kg
Dimensions 150x160x115 150x160x115

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