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The tracked MC 658 is an absolute novelty among the self-propelled engine-driven compressors. It has been designed to allow the operator to reach any area of the farm, even the most remote ones. The totally mechanical drive fitted with a differential, the three gears (two forwards and one reversal) and the parking and emergency brake make MC 658 TRACK a safe and user-friendly engine-driven compressor. An excellent drive  in any conditions is the result of the unique tracks profile and the low barycentre. This machine is, in fact, very stable even in case of friable and sloping grounds. An extensible loading platform with edges (90x65x25 cm) and an extension pole holder for the transport are supplied as optionals.

MC 658 Subaru EX 21 TRACK
Shears quantity that can be operated 4/5
Chain pruners quantity that can be operated 1
Harvesters quantity that can be operated 3
Start Manual Start
Air displacement 582
Cylinders count 2
Stages count 2
Air tank capacity 15
Maximum tank working pressure 9/11
Weight 180
Dimensions 63x147x94
Supply Benzina

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