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Compressors and Engine-Driven Compressors

All the ECOPLUS compressors models are to be connected to the tractor three-point-hitch. They are compact, powerful and reliable...[Read more]
LION 940 and LION 1500 are powerful and compact PTO compressors with a large air tank, the right solution for the end-users who...[Read more]
LION SELF needs the tractor just to be carried, since it is an engine-driven compressor. It is fitted with a big tank, to...[Read more]
MAMMUT 1000 and 1500 have a large air reserve in the tank, which allows a prolonged working autonomy with the tractor off. These...[Read more]
With its strong and multi-purpose structure, MC 1200 KOMBI is a highly professional engine-driven compressor, which can be either...[Read more]
MC 220 is an engine-driven compressor for small farms, designed for a semi-professional or hobby use. Light and small sized, it...[Read more]
Despite its small dimensions, MC 360 is an engine-driven compressor designed for a professional use. In fact, it has been...[Read more]
Designed to operate 2 or 3 harvesters, MC 540 is an engine-driven compressor for a semi-professional use. It is supplied only in...[Read more]
MC 550 is a small-sized, easily transportable, but professional engine-driven compressor. It is recommended for the operators who...[Read more]
Designed for a highly professional use, MC 650 is the engine-driven compressor with the best performance to dimensions ratio. The...[Read more]
The tracked MC 658 is an absolute novelty among the self-propelled engine-driven compressors. It has been designed to allow the...[Read more]
MC 950 and MC 1200 are the top models of the whole Campagnola engine-driven compressors range. Operated by a strong gasoline or...[Read more]