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Lipo 550 - 720

LIPO 720 is a memory-free, lithium/polymer battery. It is electronically controlled and is fitted with an anti-accidental-starting, safety device.Its firefree and shock-resistant shell is made of techno-polymer and its backpack is ergonomic. It can be connected either to an ALICE or a HERCULES harvester or to a PUMA chain-pruner, to which it guarantees a full-day working autonomy. The LIPO 550 version can power supply only an ALICE or a HERCULES harvester, to which it can guarantee up to a full working day autonomy, according to the kind of use.


  1. ON/OFF switch
  2. Luminous indicator of the charge level
  3. Electronic circuit board for checking and balancing the cells
  4. Ergonomic backpack
  5. Shock- and fire-free techno-polymer shell

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