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LI-ION 170

This innovative Lithium ions battery is ultra-light and ultra-thin. It only weighs 1.2 kg and allows to work up to 8-9 hours consecutively. A software controls each function and guarantees, through its protection devices, a long lasting reliability of the unit.

This battery can be kept stored for 1 year without being recharged. 

New display

The new display has 4 selectable cutting modes: either progressive or automatic, the latter with 100%, 70% or 40% blade opening. It shows the shear motor temperature, the daily and total cutting quantity and the blade tightening value. The display has also a blade closing adjustment function.

Power kits 170
Battery LI-ION
Rated Voltage 58,8 V
Capacity 3,5 Ah
Power 170 W
Autonomy 8/9 h
Recharge Time < 2 h
Recharge Time 1 anno/year/año
Weight 1,2 kg


  1. Lithium ions battery
  2. Led light showing the charge level
  3. Shock-absorbent and fire-free techno-polymer shell
  4. Electronic unit for operating the shears
  5. Shear connection, fit for right- or left-handed users
  6. Ergonomic backpak
  7. Adjustable belt
  8. Adjustable pectoral belt
  • Self-switching-off mode after 20 minutes without using the tool

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